Come meet our Nia teaching team!

We are independent Nia teachers who are passionate about helping others get healthy and fit in their bodies. We each have a unique style so be sure to try a class with each of us!

Nia® is an expressive body-mind-spirit movement program that offers an artistic and innovative approach to fitness and healing. Blending aspects of Martial Arts, Dance Arts, and HealingArts, Nia® provides a variety of movement dynamics to create an experience that involves your whole body, as well as your spirit.

Welcome to Nia Marin where we put your  well-being first.  We invite you to join us for a class and come catch the Nia Fitness Wave!

Everyone is welcome at Nia Marin. Come enjoy a workout, the movement, the music and the community. Be sure to enjoy a cup of complimentary coffee, tea or filtered water and take a break from your day...