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“Strength grows in moments when you think you can’t go on but you keep going anyway…”

To our wonderful world of Nia friends, BodyVibe tribe, MoveMe studio tribe, family, friends, dancers, artists, teachers, lovers & givers,

This is a challenging letter to write. There are so many needs in the world right now. Why us?

As many of you know, our beautiful community studio, home for Nia Marin, BodyVibe Studio & MoveMe Studio (our wellness & dance collective in Marin County!) were all officially & temporarily closed since March 18, 2020 due to the government mandate so as to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Sadly, we have received little grace from our landlord so our primary monthly expenses have remained the same. Marin County was slowly re-opening businesses but due to the nature of our businesses, we will be among the last to fully open in a way that is safe for everyone. We are hoping for small classes to open, in best case, by late summer.

Although we were forced to close our doors to classes, dances, workshops and community gatherings we continue to work hard to joyfully maintain our community via online classes, outdoor classes and email communications. 

It brings us so much joy to share our work with you and to keep people moving & dancing even during a global pandemic. Especially during a global pandemic. Dance, fitness, health and whole-body wellness remains our passion regardless of the medium, be it live or remote. And it has been a blessing to stay connected to our community during these extremely challenging days. 

We have said from the beginning, “hang in there friends, we will get through this together”… and that is our dream, our hope, our goal and our desire.

It is this spirit that spurred the development of this GoFundMe. We realize we can’t do this without financial support and are asking for your help, if you are so inspired. We have waited as long as we could hoping that Covid-19 would resolve by the fall. But it has not.

The rent at the studio is considerable and although we are able to produce some income, it is approximately 25% of what it needs to be to keep our doors open and keep our few remaining teachers somewhat fed. We are constantly thinking of creative ways we can possibly use the space within the guidelines of what has been mandated and we have implemented some of them. We will continue to come up with creative solutions to keep our beautiful community alive, well and intact.

So friends, new and old, near and far, thank you for considering our cause and perhaps being one of our benefactors. Any amount you are inspired and able to give will be so very appreciated. 

We are currently estimating that the Covid-19 closure will continue off and on through September 2021 and we are budgeting for that. If we are fortunate enough to make it to our goal of $48,500, anything beyond that will be put aside in the event that we are required to remain closed beyond September 2021.

And when this time has passed, and we are all on the other side of these challenging days, you are ALL invited to a grand celebration to dance with us on the dance floor, once again.

With love, gratitude & hope,
Deborah & Sarah & the Nia Marin, BodyVibe & MoveMe teams

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