Surviving the economics of Covid-19

Dear Nia friends,

We realize that everyone is struggling right now. This is such a challenging time for the entire planet. It is scary and heartbreaking at times, and we are, in the end, left to practice the art of letting go of the unknown. It is an invitation to be very present and grateful for what we do have and what we can do to stay well and safe.

We know you and your family are experiencing some new struggles too. We hope and pray that this nasty virus passes right past your door and ours.

Of course, Nia Marin and BodyVibe Studio are feeling the struggle too. We are required to continue to pay our rent and yet, of course, we all must stay home until the virus has been slain. So we find ourselves in a bit of a challenging conundrum.

Yes, we have had to quickly adapt and become videographers, sound engineers, set & lighting designers and technology experts (LOL we have not quite gotten there yet). And  yet, we do not get to do what we truly love and which is bring dance, movement, wellness and fitness directly to our community - live, in the flesh LOL, which is also our livelihood. And we still have to pay our sizeable overhead to keep our beautiful studio home intact.

One thing we are doing to help is offering a weekly Wednesday 9am Zoom class with France-Laude to the outside community. Please email us if you are interested,

Another thing we are doing is offering an amazing skin care line to you that we have found. AND THEY HAVE a GREAT hand sanitizer that is YES, available. We have become an affiliate partner of their products so if you try it and love it, then Nia Marin will earn 10%. And, every little bit helps. They are a Bay Area company with a passion to create the finest, cleanest skincare products in the world and includes moisturizing handmade soaps and skin care products that are organic, vegan and raw without anything synthetic, toxic or harmful in any way. Every product was formulated and handmade by the owner!Check it out here!
Use CODE: NIAMARINLOVESYOU and save 10% on your first order!

Also, several friends in the community have asked if we are willing to take donations, and at this moment, we say thank you and yes. We have applied for two federal grants, the San Rafael Community fund and unemployment and currently are not sure what might be possible. If we do get funded, we will stop taking donations of course. But for the moment, we are sailing this ship alone so if you want to help out, we again say thank you from the tips of our toes to the bottom of our hearts.

You can make a donation by mailing a check payable to Nia Marin at the studio address: 999 Andersen Drive, Suite 170, San Rafael, CA 94901 or by following the DONATE button here.
(just fyi, we pay 2.9% when using Paypal but please do whatever is most convenient for you).

Every little bit will help to pay the rent and keep our teachers dancing and eating through this very challenging time.

We hope you and your family remain well and let's collectively close our eyes, take a deep breath, relax our shoulders and see our global family surviving this time in history and a solution coming our way very soon.

We love you and we miss you so very much...

Please stay safe and be well...
With our sincere gratitude,
Deborah, Sarah & the Nia Marin team